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The best of 10 years hospitality and gastronomy experience, compiled in this new Software Edition:


As we started to make the concept for CM Studio /GASTRO-EDITION, we have already developed through the past 10 years websites for hotels and restaurants. Each unique and handmade by the design. Based on this experience, we have created our newest Cloud Service:

  • Expertise from the individual development combined with the software MASCH CM Studio /Professional Web-Server for a monthly fair price rate
  • Your hotel will benefit from a professional web presence and a small monthly budget!
  • This is not an illusion - Check our demo sites and choose your favorite design!

Restaurant Website

 Design nach Ihren Wünschen  Optimiert für jedes Gerät Flexibel nach Ihren Anforderungen  Monatlicher Festpreis 

Your colors,
Your design

The GASTRO-EDITION adapts by 100% with logo, colors, font and style to your requirements and creative ideas.

Optimized for any
mobile device

recognizes more than 600 different smartphones and tablets, thus providing the best possible display of your website on any mobile device.


contains a large number of individual modules and services, that can be combined flexible according to your individual requirements.

0 Euro

Forget the endless discussion about expensive budgets for a new website.
The GASTRO-EDITION provides planning security for a fixed monthly price.

Die "All-in-One" Lösung

The GASTRO-EDITION is the »All-in-One« solution...

for your professional online marketing - We offer within a few days your individual website based on these valuable features:


Multilingual presentation

CM Studio /GASTRO-EDITION speaks the language of your guests - depending on the chosen package, we offer any language that you consider as important.


Integrated SEO features support your online success

Your guests will find your website fast and acurate - based on our integrated SEO features. XML Sitemap, rich snippets, optimized page construction: everything is already on board.
Responsive und Mobile Ready

Responsive and Mobile Ready

CM Studio /GASTRO-EDITION combines responsive design with all the elements of a mobile app: optimized for smartphone, tablet and desktop. Ideal for your guests as well as for Google & Co.


Guest feedback is important

Integrate Guest reviews - through your integrated evaluation manager, but also through third parties such as Customer Alliance, TripAdvisor etc ..

flexibles Design

Design: 100% flexible

We designed CM Studio / GASTRO-EDITION so that your website fits perfectly to your brand - Fonts, colors, logos and design settings (depending on the package) ensure this.

Online-Buchung voll integriert

Online table reservation

CM Studio /GASTRO-EDITION has its own interface for connecting table reservation systems such as OpenTable. Connect your website with the reservation portal of your choice. Of course, we can integrate your preferred solution here!

Einfach zu aktualisieren

Website maintenance is made easy

You will update your content autonomously with our intuitive CM Studio Software. And if you need help, our support is just a click away.

Kontrolle ist besser

Conversion control is important – and included

Whether your website with CM Studio /GASTRO-EDITION works successfully, you should look at our reports.
About Google Analytics, you always have all the figures in view.
Sicherheit rund um die Uhr

Hosting including SSL

CM Studio /GASTRO-EDITION is secure hosted on servers in Germany or the E.U. - around the clock supervised by a team of experts with a guaranteed availability of 99.9% over the year.

Updates inklusive

Your software is allways up-to-date

In order to take care of your restaurant, we take care of the updates of your website. CM Studio /GASTRO-EDITION is inclusive of software maintenance. So far allways up-to-date and always safe.


Scalable features by many add-on modules

CM Studio /GASTRO-EDITION grows with you. With add-on modules (such as Voucher Shop, table reservation online etc.), you can increase your direct sales. And any special requests, we fulfill optional as individual programing task.


Feature Overview

'Low-Fare' Rate

'Economy' Rate

'Premium' Rate

  49,00 € per month** 89,00 € per month** 149,00 € per month**
Responsive design & SmartPhone detection Funktion wird erfüllt Funktion wird erfüllt Funktion wird erfüllt
Multilingual CMS-Administration  english only Funktion wird erfüllt
Funktion wird erfüllt
User is able to create and maintain addtional webpages Funktion wird erfüllt Funktion wird erfüllt Funktion wird erfüllt
Integrated SEO fatures for an automated onpage optimization of your hotel website Funktion wird erfüllt Funktion wird erfüllt Funktion wird erfüllt
Adv. SEO setup by MASCH Customer Service for the entire website incl. text optimization     Funktion wird erfüllt
Fotoshooting of the restaurant - menu and beverages
1 shooting day charged with additional project price of 500 € net
  Funktion wird erfüllt  
Combined Foto and Video-Shooting of the restaurant - live cooking video - (max. 1 shooting day) including the setup of a Youtube Channel - charged with special price of 750 € net     Funktion wird erfüllt
Restaurant overview & menu list as PDF download Funktion wird erfüllt Funktion wird erfüllt Funktion wird erfüllt
seasonal menu- & drinkgs in detailed description Funktion wird erfüllt
CM Studio .QuickBooking
Funktion wird erfüllt
CM Studio .iBooking
Funktion wird erfüllt
CM Studio .iBooking
optional: Online table reservation via external software provider     Funktion wird erfüllt
Event-News via news ticker module   Funktion wird erfüllt Funktion wird erfüllt
optional: integrated voucher shop     Funktion wird erfüllt
Social-Network integration of Facebook, Google+, VK.COM & Twitter + integrated Blog  Funktion wird erfüllt Funktion wird erfüllt Funktion wird erfüllt
Newsletter module incl. responsive capability     Funktion wird erfüllt
Multilingual website presentation* 1: english 2: de/en* 2: de/en*
Integrated statistic module & Google Analytics     Funktion wird erfüllt
optional: event configurator on special demand     Funktion wird erfüllt
optional: restaurant review module on special demand     Funktion wird erfüllt
Design modification based on the MASCH design templates Funktion wird erfüllt Funktion wird erfüllt Funktion wird erfüllt
optional: setup of a restaurant blog for a better and increased customer communication     Funktion wird erfüllt
Online-Training for the CMS software Funktion wird erfüllt
2 x 45 minutes webinar
Funktion wird erfüllt
3 x 45 minutes webinar
Funktion wird erfüllt
6 x 60 minutes webinar
Software Upgrade Maintenance and Support Funktion wird erfüllt Funktion wird erfüllt Funktion wird erfüllt
Hosting including SSL Funktion wird erfüllt Funktion wird erfüllt Funktion wird erfüllt
E-Mail addresses included Funktion wird erfüllt
1 E-Mail address
Funktion wird erfüllt
5 E-Mail address
Funktion wird erfüllt
as much us you need
Minimum duration of the contract - your purchase order will be required for renewal:  12 months 12 months 12 months
Payment policy: 1st of the month by
SEPA Direct Debit
1st of the month by
SEPA Direct Debit
1st of the month by
SEPA Direct Debit
*Please be noted, that our customer service team is not fulfilling any kind of translation services. If you choose a monthly rate, which includes a multilingual website, you as the customer must provide our support team with all proper text and translation information. If you required for translation services, we will help you with a separate proposal from a partner company.
** All prices mentioned on this website are excluding VAT tax.